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Welcome to www.dapfm.com, a portal on punjabi culture. EkNoor Media Group presents Radio Dil Apna Punjabi 24x7 and every Friday night from 12:00 AM to 4:00 AM and every Saturday 4 am to 8 am  and Sunday prime time show  9-30am to 12 am On CJMR 1320 AM Band in Toronto Canada. (10 hour weekly on CJMR 1320AM Band) , Radio Dil Apna Punjabi On Air by GurTirath Singh Pasla on Sep 21, 2005,  We are on air from Canada Studio, Sacramento (USA),Holland Studio, Melbourne Studio, Sydney Studio, India Studio. EkNoor Media Group promotes Punjabi Culture, Values, Traditions and Beliefs. This is a small effort by us to exhibit the Punjabi Culture and its Diversity to the people all over the globe. The word Punjabi does not only feature Sikhs but all the inhabitants of the Punjab whether they are Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs or Christians. This diversity has made Punjabi Culture very rich. It has inculcated tolerance in the people and it is the power which has kept the Punjabis together through thick and thin, whether they are in India or abroad. EkNoor exhibits this diversity and hence can be called a symbol of Punjabiyat. So, be proud and say DIL APNA PUNJABI.  

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